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June Bug

I love June. The weather is finally reliably warm but not uncomfortably hot. My backdoor is open from morning until night. The neighbors and friends are all outside and it is finally time for my garden to bloom. And the … Continue reading

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Freedom Of The Press

I hate ironing. I think I should just come out and say it. Ironing is the WORST part about sewing for me. But, I do notice a difference in the quality of my work when it has a good press … Continue reading

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Photo Finish

I love photographing my quilts. The problem is, I hate photographing almost-finished quilts. So this week, I am so thrilled to present to you my finished project from last week! You may remember this quilt from way back here, and … Continue reading

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Bag of (New) Tricks

I love Flickr. And I love swapping on Flickr. For awhile, I was trying to manage six to ten swaps at a time and it was just too much! I wasn’t able to really put in the thought and effort … Continue reading

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Singled Out: A Finished Quilt Top

So, consider me on the bandwagon! This quilt pattern, Single Girl, by the talented Denyse Schmidt has taken the internet by storm. I confess, hubby bought this pattern for me for my birthday last year, but I had been too … Continue reading

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Pointed In The Right Direction Pillow (Tutorial and Giveaway!)

The other day, surfing through blogs, I found this amazing quilt. I immediately thought of all of the scraps of LouLouThi I had left over from cutting charm packs for our etsy shop. This turned out to be a super … Continue reading

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A Book Review: Fresh Fabric Treats

Whew! I was gone awhile! We had a vacation, an engagement, a houseguest and much much more, but hopefully, now our lives will return to regularly scheduled programming over here in the fox household! In the meanwhile, I have been … Continue reading

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