Antique Tile

I love old quilts. I’m not at all ashamed to say that I envy those who have a collection of handmade quilts from their grandparents, great grandparents and distant aunts and uncles. Quilts that have been loved for years, now with holes, stains, but still majestic in the gorgeous piecing and striking color combinations their maker chose for them.



So, I make my own. This little quilt is made using the Enchant fabric collection from Natalie of Cinderberries. I am so excited to be able to order Natalie’s fabrics from Riley Blake. And I’m really thrilled with this line. The corally reds and the pops of navy mixed among some quieter prints have really filled a need in my life.

This quilt pattern is going to be free for readers of our little newsletter. If you’d like to sign up, you will find the link here.

I used yarn dyed linen for the background fabric on this and really love how it turned out. Note to self: order more yarn dyed linen and make more super soft quilts…



But for now, you’ll find me trying to restrain myself from giving this quilt to my not-quite-so-little girl. She is growing up so fast and I just want to see that happy smile on her face as often as I can. Fingers crossed I can hold out until Christmas!

Thank you bunches for reading along!


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9 Responses to Antique Tile

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    elsa says:

    I have one finished quilt that I think my Great Grandmother made and an unfinished one my Grandmother made. They really are beautiful and so glad that I have them.
    Your quilt is so lovely and know your little girl will love it!

  2. 2

    What a lovely quilt! So do you think you’ll make it to Christmas without giving it to her? That kind of wait would kill me!!! I’m just finishing up a quilt for my son’s fourth birthday. I’ve actually had to slow myself down on finishing the binding because I know it’s going to be nearly impossible to keep from giving it to him. And his birthday is only two weeks away… but even that’s too long for me to wait! Hahaha!


  3. 3
    Gina says:

    Beautiful pictures and a gorgeous quilt!!! I love old quilts too :)I was excited to receive this pattern in your newsletter this am!! Thanks for all your work in putting it together and sharing!!

  4. 4
    Carla says:

    This is such a sweet picture! The quilt is lovely too

  5. 5
    Betty Ayers says:

    This is just a lovely quilt – love the colors and the simplicity! I’m sure years and years from now your little girl will still touch and love on this and remember …..
    I am fortunate enough to have a guilt made by my grandmother and it is stunning. And I had the honor of finishing 2 quilts made by my aunt for her 2 daughters after she left this good world – it was so humbling!

  6. 6

    I just love this four pointed star and the fabric collection that you used too… very pretty, Amanda! Could you tell me what color your washed linen background is? It’s difficult to tell in the photo but it plays well with the lights/brights in the Cinerrberries collection. Thanks!

  7. 7
    prsd4tim2 says:

    Such a lovely little quilt and thank you for another beautiful pattern. So sorry and sad that the very few quilts in the family went missing. Making your own is a delightful option. I love to see what you create.

  8. 8
    Cindy Singer says:

    I love your blog and I am a frequent shopper at your etsy shop!! Just wondering if I did something wrong when signing up for your newsletter? I’m not getting it.

  9. 9
    prsd4tim2 says:

    BTW, I’ve signed up for the newsletter and I’m not getting it either. =( You know, I make many of your quilts. My Beechwood Park Starflower is {almost} ready for sandwiching…