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My sweet husband continues to tease me about how interested I am in ‘pins’. Specifically, Pinterest pins. I love seeing all of the fabulous finds other people make and I love being introduced to new blogs and ideas. Occasionally, I’ll actually put down the computer and go use that inspiration for a project. Thus, these gorgeous pillowcases were created.
I got the idea from this picture on the ‘feeling stitchy’ blog.

The pattern is free and available over at lazymay

I used some embroidery thread I had been gifted in a swap from last year that had such a smooth texture I hadn’t been able to bear using it on anything not special. I just jotted the pattern onto some premade king size pillowcases ($7 at Ross!) using ordinary pencil and it came right out in the wash (thank goodness!) I think the whole project took about 2 hours start to finish!
I am totally smitten by them. I think I am going to start making these as my ‘go to’ wedding gift. My hubby requested that his be the ‘love you too’ pillow, since that is what our little girl says to us as we tuck her in at night. Of course, it is made more adorable by the fact she can’t say the letter V yet, so it comes out ‘Lub you, too’. I am loving this age!
How about you? Have you made anything you saw on Pinterest? If so, I’d love to see it over on my facebook page!

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5 Responses to Pin Interest

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    What a gorgeous project…and a super wedding gift idea! Thanks for sharing the link.

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    Lexi says:

    These are just darling! My sister is getting married in November, and I think I may try this for her! I’ve never really done much embroidery, but I have some time to practice first!

    I just blogged about a shamrock mini that I made- I got the idea from a valentine heart mini that I saw on pinterest. I also made a burlap wreath and a wine cork wreath, both were seen on pinterest! Also, several recipes, including a red velvet cake ball!

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    prsd4tim2 says:

    Pinterest is the best. It is hard to stop long enough to try any of the things I see there. But I truly love your pillowcases. And the thought of sweet little Abby saying “Lub you too.” Too, too cute!

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    tiara says:

    So stinking cute

  5. 5
    Mare says:

    I love this! I have a question. How do you transfer the pattern on the pillowcase?