It’s My Party {And a Giveaway}

This is a post I have been thinking about forever. It keeps me up at night. And I always wonder if what I learned could help someone else. I just turned 30 (yesterday! can you believe it!) so I am taking this opportunity to deviate from usual crafty goodness and talk candidly about life.

(My actual to-do list from Monday)

You see, I have a problem. I love to set goals for myself. At night I make up a list of what I hope to accomplish the next day. I like making the list. But the next morning my list becomes the enemy. A war to be fought and won. And when not everything on the list gets checked off, I can feel pretty down. As if I lost. Like I failed…again.

Am I the only one?

I hope not.

If you haven’t felt this way, feel free to skip down to the bottom of this post!

I have had this problem my entire life. I wanted to be a Broadway star growing up. I trained and practiced and auditioned against extremely talented girls (who did go on to be broadway stars). And then I went to college. I realized that I didn’t like big cities. I love small towns.

(A journal entry from 2001)

I decided I could become an attorney. One quick debate class quickly taught me that I hated confrontation.

(A journal entry from 2002)
So, I rethought my future and decided to become a doctor. I pushed myself through a difficult science program at my University, once again competing for grades with students much smarter than myself. And then I met my husband. And I decided that for our family to work, he needed to get through school. So I graduated and began working at a real grown up job. But I wasn’t a doctor.

And then we wanted to begin having children. They didn’t come right away. I worried and fretted. It was one of the hardest things I have dealt with.

When my little girl came to us, we were thrilled. But a whole new opportunity to tear myself down presented itself. Now, I could measure my faults not just with myself but with my daughter. If she cried in public, if my husband got frustrated with her, or if she (or I) ended up covered in all of the usual baby messes. A whole new opportunity to tear myself down.

Through all of this, I hold on to one amazing piece of advice I was given. At one of my low points in college, I met someone who absolutely radiated peace. He was a religious leader over my group of young adults. One day, I decided I would ask him how he always managed to be so put together. I showed him my lists, explained how they never all got done, and broke down in tears.

He was so kind. His advice a decade ago still keeps me going, and helps me to give myself a break. He told me to add something to my list. He told me to make it a goal to

fail at something every day.

Maybe that seems a little strange. I thought about it for weeks. And then I added it to my to-do list. I gave myself permission to maybe not get it all done every day. It let me have some wiggle room. It is a reminder that it is ok if I am not super-mom every day. I am doing my best. I am trying to get it all done. And if one thing (or a dozen) fall off of my list, even better! Because then I got my ‘fail’ in, too.

So, I am 30 now. I have the best gifts I could ever ask for. I have a husband who spoils me rotten. One busy little girl and snuggly little boy. I have a {tiny} little business that I absolutely love. So, for my birthday, I would much rather give than receive.

I have a fair bit of fabric. That shelf is made up of all of ‘my precious’ collections. And it won’t be sewn at this house anytime soon.

So, one lucky winner this week will get a little goody bag from me to you. It is a flat rate envelope stuffed FULL of pretty fabrics, scraps etc. I’ll start with a Madrona Road fabric roll.
And then I’ll fill in the extra space with fabrics tailored towards you! So, I guess what I need to know is what you would want!

To enter this giveaway leave me a little note letting me know your all time favorite fabric collection. It doesn’t have to be out of print or hard to find or even popular. I’d just like to make you smile :)

For an extra entry, follow me on facebook or twitter.

And, if you don’t win, we’ll probably do this again soon to celebrate that our etsy shop has reached 1,000 sales. It has been a journey worth remembering!

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361 Responses to It’s My Party {And a Giveaway}

  1. 351
    bee says:

    wow! happy birthday & what a generous giveaway.
    I love anything Sweetwater, dots, Aneela. and such great advice – thanks for sharing it.

  2. 352
    Beth says:

    Happy Birthday! I enjoyed reading this post and I think that is great advice! I love so many different collections but the first one to come to mind for my fave is simpatico.

  3. 353
    Beth says:

    I follow you on fb and twitter.

  4. 354
    jaye says:

    I really like Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks collection.

  5. 355
    Heather says:

    This was a touching post. I really love Birds & Berries.

  6. 356
    Heather says:

    I’m a follower on twitter. (@aerialkabuki)

  7. 357
    Jen says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday!!!

    I love AMH’s Garden Party!! That was my very first fabric love. Followed closely by the original FMF line. Yum!!!

  8. 358
    Ramona says:

    Happy birthday! I found you through the Totally Groovy Quilt along and want to thank you for the awesome ‘log cabin’ tutorial. I’m definitely going to be using that method.

    I loved this post. I think some of us are just meant to be hard on ourselves (and I HATE it!). I have never heard the advice you were given and just think it’s brilliant.

    One of my favorite lines is one I found after it was out of print…Tula Pink’s first line, Full Moon Harvest. I’m in love with the owl in that print. I also love Jay-Cyn’s Commute, Mod Basics and Storyboek.

    Hope you had an awesome birthday. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and for the chance to win.


  9. 359

    Happy Birthday. I am a list maker too. I love your friends advice to fail every day…I know I sure do. I really like Echo by Lotta Jansdotter