Summer Into Autumn

It seems the days are flying by. I have been sitching up a storm and have a new favorite to show you, but I thought I would share what I’ve been doing the last week or so. I have been taking advantage of the beauty in my backyard at every opportunity. The leaves here have been changing and it looks like out mountains are on fire. Not a scary smoky fire, but a gorgeous phoenix on the mountain.
How can I stay inside when it looks like this outside?
My little girl is two. Which brings a few lot of challenges. But it also means that she is enjoying all of these things for the ‘first’ time. And we are having a BLAST showing her the season and what it means to us.
A sweet blog reader pointed me to this recipe (Thanks, Marla!) so there has been quite a lot of pumpkin bread in this house.

And this gorgeous stack showed up at my house the other day and I can’t stop staring at it. I am so excited to have it in my hot little hands.
So, I am going to finish my little dictionary print giveaway and announce that they will be going off to live with Beulah :)

And start a new little giveaway. I’m just going to leave it open for a week (so until next Sunday, October 7th). If you can guess which fabric line I am about to sew with (up above) then you will win a fat eighth bundle when it is released and I have it in my fabric shop. It is my favorite upcoming range for this season and I am having trouble deciding which idea to use it for. So, that’s it. Tell me what it is, and maybe what you’d make if you had some, and a little bundle may come live with you :)

See you tomorrow with a pattern review of this gorgeous quilt:

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106 Responses to Summer Into Autumn

  1. 101
    Rori Jensen says:

    Well, it looks like Lucky Penny is it! Such pretty colors and it would be gorgeous for a table topper or runner. Thanks for the opportunity to win and eventually purchase some.

  2. 102
    Caryn says:

    Thanks for the help! It’s Lucky Penny! :)

  3. 103
    Janna says:

    Lucky Penny by Alison Glass I’d love to use it for a quilt or mug rugs, embellishing towels etc. I love little crafty projects!!

  4. 104
    Carey Golledge says:

    lucky penny by alison glass and it looks fantastic. The quilts are stunning on flickr !

  5. 105

    Beautiful pictures and it’s Lucky Penny!

  6. 106
    Lisa Marie says:

    Lucky Penny by Allison Glass.