This Little Piggy Went to Market (Part One)

Fall Market 2014-32

This last weekend, we spent some time in Pittsburgh. There is SO much to see. Absolutely TONS. So, I’ve sorted through literally hundreds (possibly thousands) of booths and I’m showing off my favorites.
Fall Market 2014-33

To start, Art Gallery nailed it. Their fresh new designers (top Sara Lawson from Sew Sweetness, bottom April Rhodes of Staple Dress fame), their super soft fabric, and their incredibly saturated colors have won me completely over.

Fall Market 2014-36

The new line ‘Winged’ from Bonnie Christine can’t come fast enough. And the bright yellows in Gramercy by Leah Duncan already have a reserved spot in my stash. I am seriously in need of good yellows!
Fall Market 2014-40

Jeni Baker has used color mixed with black and white in such a way that I wanted to steal everything in her booth and run away with it. It is SO my style. I CAN’T wait for it. Really.
Fall Market 2014-38

Jeni, can I have that bunny? Please? I know a 4 year old girl who would bounce up and down for it, if I don’t steal it for myself!

So, on to Michael Miller. How in the world could I possibly resist Brambleberry Ridge?
Fall Market 2014-19

And if you didn’t already see my Instagram montage, Deer are now a thing. Emily from Crazy Old Ladies had this little guy in her booth to show off her new collection, Rustique.
Fall Market 2014-15

And, just popping back to Art Gallery, we have this fabulous stag.
Fall Market 2014-42

Admittedly, this is a quick run through. I remember just six markets ago, having just a handful of booths that really struck my fancy, but now we have SO many great options for ‘modern’ quilting fabric. What an exciting change for those of us who love color. Well, color and low volume ;). I’ll be back tomorrow with Tula, Tula, Tula, and some peeks at upcoming Moda collections I just can’t resist!

Thank you for following along! Do you have a favorite? Anything you want to see close up? Leave me a note and I’ll see what I can do!

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5 Responses to This Little Piggy Went to Market (Part One)

  1. 1
    Barbara says:

    The new Bonnie Christine is my favorite so far! I would love to see some closeups! And I love Arizona. Aktually I don’t know why because it’s not my style and usual color sheme.
    Best Barbara

  2. 2
    Allison C says:

    Can’t wait for Indelible and brambleberry.

  3. 3
    hannlib says:

    Thanks for this round up Amanda! I love cotton and steel but was starting to wonder what else there was at quilt market this year!! Would love to see more of Gramercy. I love Leah Duncan and those yellows look amazing

  4. 4
    Michelle says:

    Love love love the rustique deer!! Close up? Wonder of my husband would let me transform one of his trophy deer? Lol!

  5. 5
    Julianna says:

    Amanda, thank you for sharing these photos – I was waiting for your posts about Quilt market (we’ve got very similar fabric taste and in previous years I’ve seen on your photos some fabrics which soon become my favorites:). I can’t wait to see more:)