louLOUthi by Anna Maria

Anna Maria Horner’s booth at Spring Quilt Market is simply amazing! It is hard to sum it up in only one post, to be sure, but I am going to try. Here is a panorama of the entire booth.There is so much going on and so much to look at, it is hard to choos what to focus on in my blog!

I guess I will start with the fun news from market! Anna is releasing some needlepoint fabrics, patterns and some signature floss colors:

And louLOUthi is being released in voiles, cottons and laminates. The laminates are so nice, I think I could make all of my little girl’s clothes out of them. Then, when she gets muddy, I can just hose her off.

Then, there are the cushions, that are just way too cute!
And there were quilts in various stages of finishing


and beautiful voile dresses:
AMH Booth
She had cabbage roses (or are they peonies?), which are my absolute favorites set near sweet works in progress:

Each aspect of her booth was beautifully thought out and she and all of the lovely girls who work for her were so sweet and kind. I can’t wait to get my hands on this fabric and start sewing with it. It should be out later this month!

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4 Responses to louLOUthi by Anna Maria

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    Georgia says:

    I *love* these fabrics. It’s probably my favourite collection of all the ones you’ve shown from the market. There’s a LOT of work in that booth!

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    K Silvestro says:

    I love AMH’s style!

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    Mimi Lee2 soon to be 3 says:

    Thanks so much Amanda for a window in the Spring Market! I can’t wait for these fabrics. I really like the RUBY too.