Life Is Made Of Choices

Last week, another wonderful little gift showed up at my house and has thrown me into a bit of a tailspin. You see, 2012 is the year for me to get stuff done. I have plans! UFOs will be finished! My cupboards will be organized! My stash will remain under control! And then, the lovely Leona offered to send me these gorgeous fat quarters after she saw that I favorited them on Etsy
Can you even believe how sweet that is? And I have been wanting to make that dresden plate quilt from Material Obsession FOR.EV.ER! And now, I am so tempted to cheat on my goal to finish UFOs and start something new. And won’t it be gorgeous?!
PS: Leona has an awesome bloggy giveaway going on so stop on over and say ‘hi’!

But every time I have tried to cut into it, this little pile from last year looks at me with those gorgeous colors and bats its pretty eyes at me…

What’s a girl to do?

The last couple of times I have had to make the choice, I’ve ended up at the park with this little lady, enjoying the warm spring weather. Not productive, but rewarding, none the less.

So, should I finish the UFO all awash in Flea Market Fancy or should I cut into my pretty pile of Sew Cherry? Or, perhaps, I can somehow finish both? Life is just full of choices!

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8 Responses to Life Is Made Of Choices

  1. 1

    Go to the park again with that cute little girl!

  2. 2
    Ali says:

    Make something for that sweet little boy who will be keeping you busy soon!

  3. 3
    Georgia says:

    I say make both. Not sure how you will manage that – but they are both lovely. :-)
    What a gorgeous view at the park! (little possum and mountains too)

  4. 4
    Dorothy says:

    Last year I did both. One UFO, one new, one ufo, one new, etc. The best of both worlds! Love your new FQ’s.

  5. 5
    nicke says:

    i say do both! the fabric is so pretty you just have to… it looks like utah in the background there. am i right?

  6. 6
    Leona says:

    I say a girl can never have enough! You can alternate between both projects..I think I alternate between 12! My goal is to finish one quilt a month…set a goal with your UFO’s then reward yourself with a new project in between :)

  7. 7
    kerri says:

    i love the idea of alternating. i should do that too, as i always like to start on new things, or work on smaller projects so i can see a finished project quickly. :)

  8. 8
    leanne says:

    I’m thinking you should finish the UFO – looks like you’ve already done most of the time consuming work in those half square triangles :) (says me who has so many ufos I don’t like to count them !!)