Stocking Up

While I am not sure I qualify as a ‘thrifty’ quilter, I certainly do like to save money whenever I can. I also want to use the highest quality materials for the best price. Because, seriously, life is too short and my crafting time is too precious to waste it on materials that come apart quickly. So, today, armed with a few 50% off coupons and a 20% off of your total purchase coupons, I dragged my 9 month pregnant self and my toddler to Joann Fabrics. Joann is always an adventure with a 2 year old, but, this was worth it.
My Haul

So, I thought I would share my great deal with all of you. If you live near a joann, batting is currently on sale at 40% off. With the 20% off coupon, that makes it a dang good deal. I usually use the batting on the top, the 80/20 blend. I also want to try the 100% cotton batting. I want to see if there is a difference. I don’t think I feel comfortable admitting that I just realized my usual batting of choice was 20% polyester… The other batting I bought is a 50/50 cotton bamboo blend.

I am hoping to get to try all three out and see what the differences are. I may have bought a few more of the 100% cotton one (I am already placing my bets….you?)


I also used some 50% off coupons to buy some more gutermann thread, since I love how it works in my machine. I got home to a mailbox with my new Joann flyer and realized it will be on sale for 40% off next week with an additional 25% off next weekend. (Just thought I would share)

So, if you are looking for batting or thread, there are the deals I got today. I am always looking for fun sales to stock up on supplies and wanted to share with everyone. Don’t forget, my giveaway ends tomorrow, so if you haven’t had a chance to enter, hop on over here

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4 Responses to Stocking Up

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    Hey that’s pretty good shopping! Especially with a little one with you. When I take my kids, stickers or glitter end up in the cart too. I might just go and get some thread next week. Thanks for the tip!!

  2. 2
    Georgia Simone says:

    I usually use Warm & Natural, but a bit ago I tried some of the Cream Rose and thought my piece was pretty thin in some spots. I’ve also used the bamboo in the past and liked it. That’s the same thread that I buy! I’ll have to stock up next week, too. :)

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    Diane says:

    I like warm & Natural or the white variety as well and like it better than the Mountain Mist. Its at Joanns as well.

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    prsd4tim2 says:

    I usually use the Warm and Natural. Or the Poly-Fil knock off. I really like the way they grab the fabric when I quilt it. I haven’t tried the 80/20 one or the bamboo yet. Thanks for the tip on the 20% coupon. I had forgotten about it, but I’ll be sure and go tomorrow.